Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your PayPal address?

  • jonasdrawing [at] gmail [dot] com.  I use the Paypal invoicing system, so when commissioning me, it’s best to avoid sending money directly to the address before discussing the commission. Let’s work out payment first and determine when it’ll be due, and I’ll invoice you at the appropriate time.  This helps keep transactions organized and well-documented.

Do you accept any methods of payment other than Paypal?

  • I also accept Square and Venmo. Please let me know in advance of the commission if you want to pay using either of these methods.

Do you ever do art trades or requests?

  • Generally, no. I’ve made exceptions in the past, but I’m mostly focusing on paid commissions.

Do you go to conventions?

  • I’m in Washington state, and non-local conventions are kind of out of my budget at the moment. I sometimes attend in-state conventions, but only informally, not behind a table.

What’s the latest status on my commission?

  • I have a Trello for this. Keep an eye on that for updates. I’ll send a message to you as soon as I have a draft ready.

Your prices seem awfully high.

  • Sorry, but they’re non-negotiable. I would honestly love to do art for free, but I have to pay the bills.

What software do you use?

  • For primary art creation, I use Clip Studio Paint. For backgrounds, I sometimes use PaintStorm. For everything else, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

When do you usually stream?

  • I have no fixed streaming schedule right now.  The best place to watch for the next stream announcement is either my FA gallery or Twitter.