The link to commission me is at the bottom of this page, but please read my Terms of Service first.


I accept Paypal to jonasdrawing [at] gmail [dot] com as a primary means of payment. I sometimes also accept mail-in payments as cashier’s check or money order only.  I make use of PayPal’s invoice system; once we have negotiated payment, I will need your e-mail to send you an invoice.  The terms of payment will be adjusted based on the commission price:

Full payment is required up-front for small works (anything under $50).  Payment is expected within 24-48 hours of my confirmation that I have accepted your commission. After 48 hours, I may consider a commission slot abandoned and remove it from my queue.

Larger works ($50+) may be paid either 100% up-front, or in 2 installments of 50%: half up-front, and half upon completion.


If you cancel a commission that is already in-progress, I will refund your payment minus a fee for any work I have completed.

If I am unable to start or complete your piece for any other reason, I will refund your payment in full.

No refunds will be given after I have completed the work.


All my commissions are OPEN-ENDED (no due date) unless a deadline has been arranged with me in advance.

To request a deadline, you MUST notify me in your first communication about the project along with an exact due date. Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to respond to my e-mails/drafts in a timely manner when your piece is on a deadline!

Please be aware that I may work on projects “out of order,” depending on multiple factors (complexity, rush jobs, etc.). This means work will not always be completed or posted in the exact order which it was paid.

Rush Jobs: if you have an urgent deadline (in 2 weeks or less) I am sometimes willing to do priority rush jobs. However, this is not always possible, and if it is, there will be an extra 20% rush fee added to the base cost of the commission.

Subject Matter

While I do draw adult material, I do not take commissions that involve the following:

  • scat/watersports or related fetishes
  • extreme violence, mutilation or necro/guro/snuff
  • vore or unbirth
  • abusurdly oversized bodyparts (i.e. unrealistically large genitalia or unrealistically large muscles)
  • bestiаlity
  • inflation, excessive feeding/gaining or morbid obesity
  • anything involving the emission, inhalation or consumption of noxious bodily substances.
  • nonconsensual sex
  • underаge characters in sexual situations
  • supernumerary primary/secondary sex characteristics (e.g. more than two breasts on a single character).
  • any symbols or uniforms explicitly associated with hate movements

All other adult themes or fetishes are considered on a case-by-case basis – please ask me via email or private message. I reserve the right to refuse commissions with content I am uncomfortable with for any reason.


I strongly encourage visual references of the specific character(s) to be drawn, but can usually also work from textual descriptions, provided they are well-organized. Generic visual references (e.g. photos from the internet) are also very helpful and encouraged, especially for more obscure species, patterns/coloration, items of a certain size/brand/design, etc.

Intellectual Property

If a character you want in a commission is owned by someone other than you, you MUST be prepared to get — and show me — explicit written permission from the creator that they consent for their character to be used in this manner.

The one exception to the above rule is if it’s a surprise gift for the character’s owner; I will go case-by-case, but if you can demonstrate a reasonable relationship where use of another’s character is generally acceptable (eg personal friends, mates), this is probably OK.

Work Process

For simple/under-$50 commissions, such as icons:

  • I do NOT generally provide drafts, only the finished image.  Exceptions can be made if the drawing is complex.
  • If you wish to be shown a draft (sketch) of a simple commission before completion, I am usually willing to do this, but you must ask me IN ADVANCE, before I have started your commission.
  • You may request MINOR changes to finished small works, such as if I have missed an important character detail.

For complex/over-$50 commissions:

  • I will provide periodic work-in-progress drafts by e-mail as the commission progresses.
  • You may suggest revisions (within reason) after seeing each draft. Please try to be as specific as possible about what you would like changed, at the earliest possible stage! Errors are most fixable in the sketch stage, and be aware I may not be able to make certain kinds of changes at later stages.
  • Up to three revisions are included in the base price. If you need more than three, we will have to renegotiate the overall cost of the job at that point.


I maintain copyright to all my works, and I reserve the right to publicly display/upload/distribute commissioned works as I see fit.

If you would like a commission to remain totally private (never posted publicly), I am willing to discuss this, but I may impose a fee of an additional 20% to help make up for the lost exposure.


I’m generally not opposed to seeing my work reposted on imageboards, social media and so on, under the following conditions:
1. the work must remain whole and unaltered
2. I must be credited for it
3. if it’s anything X-rated, or something I did privately for you, please ASK ME FIRST. (I will likely allow it, I just want to keep track of where my work ends up.)

You may freely repost your own icon commissions – or crop your larger commissions for use as icons – with or without credit, but credit is always appreciated if there’s room for it!


For traditional commissions where an original exists:

Shipping costs extra, and is NOT included in my base prices.

I have a background in professional shipping/packaging, and always do my best to package artwork discreetly and securely.

I estimate costs and ship via USPS First Class by default. You may request extra services (Insurance, Priority, Confirmation, etc.) or other carriers where available (UPS, Fedex) but the cost will be higher accordingly.  I will provide a tracking number once the piece is shipped.

I need a complete, correctly formatted mailing address to ship to, including a ZIP code/postcode. Please note that for P.O. Boxes, only USPS is available.

I will ONLY assume financial responsibility for lost/damaged mail that has been insured! While this is an unlikely occurence, if you are worried about the possibility please request insurance for your package.

I am usually willing to ship internationally (outside the US) at cost, but please contact me for more information. Note that you will be responsible for any duties/fees, as well as for the legality of any adult materials sent to your country.  In the event that you need work shipped internationally in time for a specific deadline (e.g. a badge for a convention), I NEED at least 60 days’ lead time to account for revisions, international shippings, and the possibility of Customs delays or other delays.  Rush charges will be added if I have to ship something internationally by fast courier services such as DHL.  If this is a concern, PLEASE discuss it with me before we start the commission.

Contacting Me

Sending me a private message through the gallery sites I’m on is fine as an initial query, but I will need an e-mail address to correspond with you, and I prefer to conduct all later correspondence through e-mail as well.

You may contact me through e-mail or private-message at any time to inquire about the status of your commission, and I will reply as quickly as possible.

Please DO NOT send any commission-related questions through public channels (e.g. FA shouts/comments, Livestream chats, etc). Such comments will be ignored and/or deleted, and if this rule is repeatedly broken I may opt to cancel/refund your commission.

Special Offers

Sometimes, I may offer special types of commissions (for example, Iron Artist sketches, badges for pickup at a certain con, etc.). These special offers may in some cases have different or more limited rules regarding things like payment, timeframe, shipping, etc. In these cases, I will outline the exact rules in the specific offer, and those rules will for that instance supersede any that conflict with this ToS.

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